2014-2017 B.A. (Hons) Degree, Fine Art, Bath School of Art & Design


2019 On The Road. No Format Gallery, London.[18th - 24th November]

         Məˈtɪərɪəl. Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. [31st May - 5th June]

2018 Beep Painting Biennial. Elysium  Gallery, Swansea. [3rd August -September]

         Soft Rebellion. 29a Westgate Street, Bath. [25th May - 10th June]

         Pavilion of Painting. 15 Bond Street, Bath. [25th May - 10th June]

2017 Graduate Art Prize, Exchange House, London [8th November] 

          STOCK, OXO Bargehouse, London. [27th – 30th July] 

​         Degree Show. Bath Spa University. [9th -18th June] 

​         Showcase (solo) (Wall Space Collective). Sion Hill Gallery, Bath. [21st March – 1st April] 

​         Archipelago. Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. [27th January -1st  February] 

2016 ​Wall Space. Sion Hill Gallery, Bath. [23rd – 27th May] 

         A Lifetime of Work. Lane House Arts Gallery, Bath Fringe Arts Festival, Bath [27th May – 12th June] 

         Wallspace. 146 Walcot Street, Bath [3rd – 13th May] 

         Open studios. Sion Hill [14th – 15th March] 

         Tantamount A. Sion Hill, Bath Spa University. [6th – 5th January] 

         Here and Now. 44AD Gallery, Bath. 

         Beginnings. Sion Hill Gallery, Bath. 


Paris, 2019

Cologne, 2018

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